Commission Explosion

watch your affiliate commissions explode

In my time on the web I’ve watched trends come and go, technologies, magic “solutions” and quick fixes appear and then vanish.

Everyone CLAIMS to have the “answer”!

So, how do you know WHAT and WHOM to believe?

Two words: Longevity and relationship.

Longevity: Web sites that have been on the web for a considerable period of time (e.g. feedyourhungrymind has been online for 7 years) indicate stability, continuity and success.

Relationship: Email the webmaster with a question. Do they respond to you in a positive way?

Are they interested in HELPING you with your problem? Are they interested in establishing a longterm business relationship with you? Do they treat you with respect, or are they just trying to sell you stuff?

Buyer Beware! Always conduct your due dillgence before you buy.

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