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watch your affiliate commissions explode

If you have had your existing web server for more than 2-3 years you may want to double check to insure you are receiving the best value you can. As computer and server prices drop, new server equipment is brought online and competition builds among webhosting companies prices are dropping to historically low prices.

In a recent check our own server would be $70.00 a month less if we simply provisioned a new server account with our existing host Blue Bayou and migrated the domains from the old server or, we could get an entirely new Linux server offering nearly four times the storage space, four times the RAM and a significantly better OS core for about $6.00 a month less then we are paying now. For us, an upgrade is in-order (so look for a faster Commission X) soon.

As an affiliate you know how much speed is a factor. Lest we forget that Google also considers page speed as a major factor according to search engine land.

Most webhosts that I checked with were unable or unwilling to offer any type of re-rate staying put so you have to be prepared to actually leave or to provision a new server. Hinting I might leave got me nowhere, though Blue Bayou did offer me 15% off my purchase to upgrade to a new server.

The time to migrate to a new server can run as little as 60-90 minutes depending on how much data needs to be transferred but it’s basically an automated task with the Plesk Migration Manager assuming you are migrating from a server with a recent version of Plesk installed as well.

When was the last time you compared your server to current product offerings (even from your current webhost)? What do you consider a wide enough dollar gap to go through a new provisioning and migration?

+Nick J. West

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